Cache error in OneNote, Please help

Discussion in 'OneNote, Evernote and Organizers' started by JoeReal, Dec 4, 2010.

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  1. JoeReal

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    Hey everyone, I recently started getting this note when I close OneNote.
    I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times, deleted all temp files, restored...
    If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it.

    ! OneNote cannot access the notebook cache file. It may be corrupted. Onenote will restart and create a new file.
    Error code: 0x26

    I then hit OK

    It then gives the options: Delete Cache, Make a copy or cancel. I have done them all multiple times.

    Thanks again,
  2. XJ12

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    Just had the joy of having my OneNote 2010 cache get corrupted. May be unrelated, but I had just transferred a OneNote file via e-mail from my win 8 phone the day before. Then the cache was corrupted. As the blood drained from my face... had to abandon note taking until I could figure out how to recover.

    Not fun at all. First, discovered that OneNote was caching ALL the notes. Files on SD card were from over a year ago. Obviously stopped updating after transferring files to a new computer. WHAT???? Discovered that sync was on manual so no files had updated and all the user backups were just repeats of the old files.

    Luckily, chose the make a copy of the cache option. Automatic backups seemed very convoluted. Instead, was able to replace new cache with old cache through renaming and found one folder that kept corrupting the cache. Avoiding the offending folder, was able to do Save-as on all the remaining folders. Still had to rename the corrupted cache multiple times throughout the recovery process, but was successful.

    Now have the sync on auto so hopefully this isn't such an ordeal if it happens again.
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