c-140x sleep mode messes with resolution settings?

Discussion in 'Acer (Gateway)' started by ocdetails, Oct 20, 2007.

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    Why is it when my computer comes back from sleep that it decides to reset my screen resolution to 1024x768? It is annoying to have to go in and change it back to 1280x768 everytime I open the lid. I have it set to sleep when I close the lid in order to save battery life throuout the day so I don't have to carry my charger with me to every meeting, so changing the setting to not go to sleep isn't really an option. Is there something wrong with my settings that makes it do this? It doesn't happen every time, but 75% of the time when I bring it back out of sleep the screen will flash and it will change to the 1024x768 resolution. Sometimes it flashes and stays the same, but it is always a crap shoot.

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