Buying a new laptop sucks

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by DRTigerlilly, Jul 5, 2020.

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    Thanks for the offer, but I would only get the 100w model if I get it. The 65W can only support 4 monitors, and the 100w supports 6, and that's one of the most important features to me. My desktop is currently a 4-monitor setup, but I was looking into taking it to the 5/6 setup level. Most desktop options cap at 4, requiring specific and rarer graphics cards that support more then 4, or multiple graphics card rigs. Even similar small box desktops like the Zotac and that HP Mini Z2 really only support 3-4. If the Hades couldn't support 6, my interest in it would drop.

    And thanks for those links, I was unaware both Intel and AMD are no longer supporting it. I'm not really a PC gamer at all, but the lack of support does concern me, especially since its unique CPU/GPU combo is so specific, lack of GPU support doesn't lend well to the rest of it. So in light of this, I would guess that when the Hades Canyon's true successor hits, it will likely not have AMD graphics. Which for me might be a bit better since I do use Daz3D which is not AMD friendly.
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