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Broke my R key only; Where can I get a replacement?

Discussion in 'Lenovo (IBM)' started by chromecarz00, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. chromecarz00

    chromecarz00 Pen Pal - Newbie

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    Hi all,

    Needed a replacement R key only for my keyboard, the key itself broke when my sister kicked it (accident of course, no worries at all). Where can I order or ideally pick one up in Orange County?

  2. DRTigerlilly

    DRTigerlilly Tablet Lead Mod (Retired) Super Moderator

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    you're going to have to replace the whole keyboard. Nobody is going to sell a single key.
  3. Kyle Porter

    Kyle Porter Veteran Moderator Senior Member

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    not true drtigerlilly! Search ebay, there are sellers who charge a small fortune per key (approx $2-$5 each) for this exact same reason (basically they sell replacement keys).
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