Brightness of screen in slate mode

Discussion in 'Asus' started by weinilourson, Sep 30, 2007.

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    I was in class the other day, and I decided to turn on my R1F in slate mode. However, the screen was very very dim. I turned it back into laptop mode, and the screen went back to my battery saving configurations (which is set at much brighter).

    So I revert back to slate mode, and it then stayed bright.

    I tried again a few times after that, and I realized that in order to have a bright screen in slate mode, I need to first turn my tablet on in laptop mode, then flip to slate mode. If I start my R1F up in slate mode, it always gives me a dim screen.

    Does anyone have such strange happenings? Please kindly tell me what I did wrong... is there anyway I can correct this? It's really annoying when I have to keep rotating my screen during class...

    Thanks so much!

    (BTW - I bought a new main battery the other day, and when used with my modular battery, it's giving me over 5 hours! That's good news... I hope it stays that way.)

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