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Discussion in 'Samsung' started by spinedoc77, Nov 23, 2012.

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    Guys, just for everyone having the same troubles I have been through.

    I am IT technician and today a customer brought his Samsung Ativ 500T, which was stuck on windows update and couldn't boot onto windows in any possible way.

    If you need to boot from USB or anything like that all you need to do is:
    Power off
    While pressing the windows logo button, press the power on button
    Load on bios
    Go to security
    Disable TPM 2.0 Device.
    >Secure boot configuration
    Secure boot disabled
    Exit saving changes
    Mesh F10 key, then you can boot from USB.

    If you have trouble entering the bios via windows button, just mesh F10 key at startup and then select "enter setup".
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    Hello UnderTeach.

    I have Samsung Ativ 500T1C with broken Windows RT software and can’t find enywhere recovery disc for my Samsung.
    In Poland this tablet not have a technical support. Recovery Disk is only one way for repair my tablet.

    If you can, please vey much to make recovery disk for samsung Ativ 50T1C and send me the files in a zip, rar or iso via ftp ..
    I am looking long time for recovery image more than two months, without success. From where i can download recovery disk for this tablet?

    I will be very grateful for help me, sorry about my english.

    Unfortunately, according to your description, I did not go any further.
    Another idea or a screen capable letter is a great help to me

    The Samsung Ativ 500T is powered on by the BIOS
    After updating and downloading and restarting Windows
    Volume Up + Power
    Volume Down + Power
    Functions as well
    Please describe how to connect to a USB device so that I can replace it with Hirens Boot or another program and save it
    On your side I've read all this on the subject but I did not find any good information.
    The location menu does not start.
    You have no other function
    The device ssd was 100% / 100% flawless for the latest scratch virus update window for Windows.
    He has not started since then.
    I can solve the problem because I'm a computer scientist for 20 years
    I would need an ISO file or recovery repository and not only to see the UEFI USB device, but to start it.
    If you can solve an SD card it may also be good.

    Have a nice day

    Best regards

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    Yes ,
    I had a similar problem when I reset my login password , it ask me to boot my computer from USB fash drive ,

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