BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Review: New Life for the PlayBook Tablet Discussion

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    The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet launched last year with one glaring omission: no native email app. Why RIM, a company known for bringing email to mobile devices, would ship a product without the feature baked in is unknown.

    Perhaps RIM was too high on its innovative, if slightly unwieldy, BlackBerry Bridge solution, which synced email from a BlackBerry handset over Bluetooth. As a BlackBerry owner, I love it. But while it maintains security (nothing is stored locally on the tablet, everything disappeared as soon as the Bluetooth connection is severed), it leaves the ever-growing numbers of non-BlackBerry owners reliant on web mail.

    Or perhaps RIM rushed an incomplete PlayBook to market in order to compete with the iPad 2 and emerging Honeycomb tablets. This, and they had to build an entirely new OS based on a newly-acquired entity (QNX), which leaks suggest didn’t play well with then current RIM technology.

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