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Discussion in 'What Tablet PC Should I Buy?' started by sarag, Apr 23, 2007.

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    This is a great forum, I'd really appreciate your experience and knowledge to help me pick out a tablet PC.

    To start with I'm not computer savy- but my computer is a major tool at work.

    I manage 4-5 projects at a time - with paper documents/notes and email for each of them AND meeting after meeting.

    I'm really tired of not having a document that had been emailed or some note I jotted down a month ago at the right time and place. I've tried using a laptop, but I can not type and listen to folks talk in a meeting.

    I'm thinking a tablet will enable me to keep all notes and electronic documents in one place. Here are my specs:

    1. My budget is up to $2500.

    2. I'll be carrying this tablet all day long. So what weight should I be looking at?

    3. Tasks: Reading and referring to word documents and excel; Building Powerpoint presentations; Taking meeting notes; reading/sending email; writing word docs

    4. I won't be gaming on this tablet

    5) Battery life will be important and I will need to be able to come up with a strategy to go 4-6 hours

    6. I'll be working with files from work that are Office 2000, XP and Powerpoint 2000. I will not hook up to our office network, I'll be putting files on a memory stick (I'm sure you have a computer word for this) or pulling them in off of emails. My power points and files will need to be able to be used by others using these older software programs.

    7. I'd like to access the web via wiFI as well as with a wireless option

    8. Which screen and resolution is best for reading word docs? standard, vs wide; size?, resolution, etc?

    9. I also think I should have a bunch of room on board to hold files.

    What do you think? Thanks so much.
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    Actually sarag, for the tasks you mention, any tablet will suffice.

    However, if you wish to 'bullet proof' your decision and look to the tablet lasting beyond your present scope, I would be looking at one of the Core 2 Duo machines.
    Look at getting one with at least 1GB RAM (especially if you end up using Vista).
    The size of the hard drive is not really important for you and you will find the most basic models will come with 60GB... more than enough for your tasks.

    For battery performance the newer models are better for mobility away from the mains but still look to obtaining a machine that will give you the option of either adding a second battery or the ability to change the battery without any issues.

    Machines to look at range from:-
    ASUS R1F
    Fujitsu T4215
    HP TX Series
    Lenovo x60
    Toshiba M400

    I personally love the \Fujitsu range of machines, build quality, Customer Service/Technical Support are the main reasons.
    However, there are still great machines as mentioned above.
    It's all really a question as to which models you can get a decent discount for and be able to acquire easy.
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    I'm waiting for a port version of an OpenOffice, then my Nokia N800 can handle that task as well.

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