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Discussion in 'Software' started by GriffinCO, Jan 1, 2009.

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    Hello All,

    I'll start by apologizing if there's a thread on this already...if so, please feel free to delete.

    In looking for software for my recent X200 order, it's been difficult to find a good, current "Best of" page. So what I'd love to see (and hopefully start) is a Best Software for Tablet PCs STICKY.

    Something with categories would be nice, too...such as Productivity, Art, etc.

    I'd love to hear your input and if I come across some in my internet wanderings, I'll be certain to post as well. As an offering to appease the TabletPCReview gods, I submit the only site I've found that has a good list (if not the most current.)


    p.s. I'd also love to find a current book list. It seems the most recent list is from 2006...and most of the Tablet PC books were written well before then :rolleyes:
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  2. Frank

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    There are many similar threads, but none complete or at least gets updated.

    What do You think is essential?
    Tablet Drawing Software
    Must have software and games for tablet PC?
    What are your base programs that you think that must be installed on any laptop/tablet or after clean install/formatting...???
    tablet PC software...

    maybe the best approach had the
    The Tablet PC Software Thread.
    sadly it also fell in oblivion.

    The problem is that on the one hand there are not many larger tablet specific applications, on the other hand, there are a lot of small tiny programs available. The software changes all the time, it's hard to keep the list structured and someone has to keep it updated.

    The best approach would be to add a Wiki based software list to this site, which can be edited by every member and thus would stay updated all the time, but I don't think that the admins will do this :(
    The same could be done with hardware (accessories) and the users could also rate the usefulness and discuss about the software/hardware.
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  3. newsposter

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    I know that I've posted this list before, but here is my current software load. The load is the same for my desktop machines as well as my Gateway tablet.

    The OS is XP SP3 fully up to date with all optional MSFT components installed. I install EVERYTHING that shows up on Microsoft Update then go back and disable services as necessary. Disk space is so cheap that it makes no sense to totally remove or otherwise deinstall MSFT OS stuff. It's easy enough to disable services and that way needed components are always on my machines just waiting for a 'startup'. If I need to work in a Linux distro I light off a virtual machine (using VirtualBox) and run things there. Very fast & easy.

    45 days after Vista SP2 goes gold I'll start moving my machines over unless we're within 120 days of Windows 7 going gold. I will NOT be going to MSIE v8 until the first service pack comes out for it.

    7-Zip v4.65
    Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition
    Adobe Acrobat Reader v9.1
    Adobe Flash Player v10
    Adobe Shockwave Player v11
    ChaosSoft Intellect v3.0.3.8
    CCleaner v2.18.878
    Easy Duplicate Finder v2.2.1
    ESBCalc v7.0.2
    FileZilla Client v3.2.3.1
    GIMP v2.6.6
    Gnu Cash 2.2.9
    GNU Backgammon 20090323
    HashCheck v2.1.8
    HiJack This v2.0.2
    ImgBurn v2.4.2
    InScribe 2007
    Java(TM) 6 Update 13
    JR MediaCenter v13.143
    KeePass Password Safe v1.15
    Kels CPL Bonus Pack
    Kels Runtime Pack
    Kels Uber Pack
    KODAK DCS Custom Looks
    KODAK DCS Photo Desk
    Malwarebytes Anti-malware v1.35
    McAfee VirusScan Enterprise i8.5
    Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2
    Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 Service Pack 2
    Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1
    Microsoft IntelliPoint v6.3
    Microsoft OneNote 2007
    Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2003
    Microsoft Reader
    Microsoft WGAV
    Minolta Dimage Viewer
    MS GreetFonts
    MS PubFonts
    MS Works Fonts
    MS Win2000 System Fonts
    MS Server 2003 System Fonts
    MS WinXP System Fonts
    MWSnap v3
    Nirsoft Suite
    Notepad++ v5.3.1 v3.0.1
    Opera v9.64
    PicturesToExe v5.6
    Prio v1.9.8.1536
    PuTTY version v0.60
    QuickTime v7.60.92.0
    RHEL Liberation Fonts
    Run With Arguments Shell Extension
    SideSlide v3.0.00b3
    Skype v4.0.32.215
    Sun xVM VirtualBox v2.1.4
    SysInternals Suite
    TeraCopy v2 beta 20090212
    The Font Thing v0.80
    TrueCrypt v6.1a
    UFRaw v0.15
    VirtualCloneDrive v5.4.2.5
    VueScan v8.5.08
    Weather Watcher Live v6.0.16
    Windows Internet Explorer v7
    Windows Media Player 11
    Windows Resource Kit Tools
    Windows XP Service Pack 3
    WinSCP v4.1.8
    Wireshark v1.06
    WordWeb v5.52
    XnView 1.96.0
  4. Juice

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    Here's my list of what I consider "essential" software:

    Virtual Dub
    Avast Antivirus
    Daemon Tools
    DVD Shrink
    DVD Flick
    Firefox + adblock, filter updater
    K-Lite Codec Pack
    Rocket Dock
    VLC Player
  5. MykC

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    Umm... I'm assuming your looking to Tablet PC specfic software or at least software that has an inherent advantage or additional functionality with the touch screen. I just got my tablet PC (HP tx2604a) and I'm looking for as similar list. I'm a 2nd year University student and most of my courses are Computer Science, Economics and Math. The only program I really use is OneNote, for taking class notes and doing assignments (Math and Econ mostly).

    Learning to work with a tablet PC has been a learning experience, I feel OneNote will do most of what I need but it will take me awhile to become effective at using it.
  6. Nominal

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    For math software on a tablet, there are a two programs by xThink that are worth a look. MathJournal and Calculator.

    I use MathJournal occasionally, and it can be a useful tool when working out physics or engineering problems. I wouldn't recommend it for the type of problems you encounter in a math class, though. Its strength lies in its ability to help organize your work and speed up the process of solving a problem.

    For more casual math on a tablet PC, Calculator is a smaller/lighter version for less money.

    I wouldn't say its handwriting recognition is as good as Vista's, but I can now make it understand me most of the time without any trouble.

    xThink Calculator

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  7. ScubaX

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    I just found a neat and free program for tablets that lets you create a white board for instruction.

    Using your pen, you write and it captures those strokes and records your voice. So If you wanted to give a short lecture on solving a math problem, you could write it out and give instructions. Then it will allow you to create a flash file with it that anyone with flash can view.

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  8. R1C47

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    for tablets, MS OneNote.

    And maybe not essential but pretty awesome nonetheless:
  9. daghead

    daghead Guest

    Single greatest work of software ever: Taskbar Shuffle

    It actually makes me sad that the new Win7 taskbar will render this obsolete.
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    It would be infinitely more useful if the equation writer in Word was used in all Office programs, including Onenote of course. Then if the ink equation program you posted would copy the converted equation using the equation writer format instead of a picture, it'd truly be awesome.

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