Best one-hand keyboard for using with tablet pcs?

Discussion in 'Artists' started by dream3, Oct 14, 2013.

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  1. Steve S

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    << thinking a small portable one-hand keyboard or gadget...>>

    ...If you want a really small, fully implemented keyboard, you should look at the FrogPad:

    FrogPad | You don't need a QWERTY keyboard anymore.

    Note that there is a significant learning curve (at least there was for me) in order to learn the various key "chords" (multiple key presses for specific letters or functions). The device is very compact but has a nice weight to it, and the keys have a quality feel. I prefer physical keys, with real throw; that model of FrogPad is (I think) discontinued, but you can still find them on eBay....

    I wrote a user review on the FrogPad, but I can't find it, now...
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    Click on my username and go "Send Private Message" or something like that... Or just send me one via CA.O

    Yeah, I'll send you them both if I can (not sure on Nostromo, but I'll have a look).

    To edit posts the "edit" button should be to the left of the "reply" button.

    Cheers for the compliments on the video. :)

    I'll make a tutorial tomorrow, should have some spare time.
  3. WillAdams

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    Trying out a Shuttle Xpress --- it's working well w/ Freehand, save for assigning the ` to Button 5.

    Still need to work out what to assign the wheels to.
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