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Discussion in 'Acer (Gateway)' started by Ben Aldridge, Jan 18, 2018.

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    Good morning.

    I am hoping to start a podcast and having a difficult time pooling all the resources together. I would like assistance and advice on the best way I can go about hosting a podcast that uses the following resources for the following functions:

    I currently possess a Wacom tablet with a stylus (duh, lol), and an Acer laptop. The laptop is NOT touch screen.

    Needed functions
    1. Voice recording.
    2. Recording a screen focusing on texts from my kindle app.
    3. Engaging with the text using a stylus. (I want to take active notes as I process the information).
    4. MAYBE recording a video of myself talking instead of just my voice.

    Can anybody point me toward the best way of accomplishing all this? Thank you!
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