Best graphics driver?

Discussion in 'HP Slate' started by Featherbeard, Dec 30, 2011.

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    Hello! I'm sorry for being such a pest lately, but I have a lot of questions I'm confused on. :) What would everyone say is the "best" graphics driver for the GMA 500? I've given the driver that Ghost74 linked in his post here, but for some reason it won't install; Windows says it's missing some files and cannot install. (Very odd.) I've also tried the drivers that were posted here by another member, downloadable at estilo asertivo: IEGD 10.4 and EMGD 1.8.0 Intel drivers for GMA500. Hibernation and VGA output solved.. They install, but I then lose my ability to choose screen brightness strangely. :confused:
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    Question: Best graphics driver?
    Answer: There never has been one.

    OEM Driver...
    - Flash works
    - OpenGL doesn't
    - Screen Flickers

    EMGD Driver
    - Flash doesn't work*
    - OpenGL works
    - No screen flickers
    - No 1024X768 option
    - Noticable Performance Improvment

    *I swear I had flash working with the EMGD driver and then a couple of days later it did not.

    The EMGD driver is the better driver but not having flash is a show stopper for me.
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    There is a driver on the Pocketables Sony Vaio P forums which seems to be a better compromise than the Intel GMA 500 stuff as well as some of the previous EMGD versions.

    GMA500 2208 (EMGD 1.10 - November 2011) - Pocketables Forum

    Here is a little checklist of the various bugs / features for people to compare from my testing:

    Aero Support: Yes
    Aero flickering: None (perfect)
    Flash Support: Yes/OK, video has slight stuttering sometimes, audio distortion and dropped frames. No Flash crashes though. See below.
    Video Playback (MPC): Yes, occasional audio distortion, dropped frames. Not bad though.
    OpenGL 2.0: Yes (100%) with some 2.1 support
    Direct3d: Yes (WDDM 1.1, DDI 9ex, igdumd32.dll ver. 8.14.1100.2208)
    Brightness controls: Yes (perfect)
    HDMI: Yes (perfect, though only tested at 1366x768, my 1080p HDTV returns bad EDID information to PCs)
    WEI desktop: 4.3
    WEI games: 3.0 (3.5 is typical with Intel default drivers.. meh)

    Windows UI responsiveness seems a lot better than default Intel GMA500 v. 2030. Frankly some of the drivers lacking Aero support seem like the snappiest, but have WEI desktop/games of 1.7/1.1. I would bet they are the most responsive because everything is running CPU rendered and probably hitting the battery pretty hard with little to no 3d rendering APIs exposed at the driver level.

    Flash support is pretty good, not the best. Some weirdness noticed with overlay glitches, but nothing bad. Also noticed different scaling algorithms being used depending on the browser regardless. Video at 720p gets frame drops, but livable if you are just screwing around on YouTube. The audio distortion is light, but odd and probably would not be livable for watching a full movie. I would probably just put the above and the v2030 Intel GMA500 driver in a folder and swap them back and forth and reboot if I planned on a lot of video watching at a sitting.

    This driver is probably about as good as it gets until someone figures out the API hooks to get the CrystalHD decoder playing well with alternative drivers. It should be able to assist with video to 1080P and run it perfectly. I have considered the Asus Flash 10.x OEM install others have pointed to, but I've heard too many complaints about compatibility.

    Intel's AppUp stuff seems to be mostly garbage at this point. Ports from iOS and Android that run poorly, but they do look a lot prettier at the moment than Android x86 equivalents (Fruit Ninja is a good test case).

    BlueStacks still complains about not having enough graphics to run any real applications.

    Edit 4-5-2012: Update on Flash and Video: Turned off "Performance Mode" in Intel drivers. Reinstalled the Crystal HD drivers and reinstalled Flash 11.2. Video playback at 720p with and x264 in MPC is perfect now, but audio still has really light distortion, sounds like PCI/HDD transfer noise from 10 years ago with really poorly shielded sound card codecs or PCI bus master issues. Flash in Firefox now uses the same scaling as other browsers. Looks like it was doing some Bilinear / Bicubic scaling, now straight pixel scaling, so lots of jaggedness / aliasing if you notice that sort of stuff. Frames dropped much less frequently though and less, but still present audio distortion.

    Edit 2: Video in WMP at 720p is much better. Clearly some issues with using the Crysta lHD are present. Broadcom's site claims MPC can use their decoder, will try MPC:HC later to see if it is just certain specially compiled versions. If so, maybe Adobe will roll the Crystal HD support back into Win32 releases of Flash (it was actually a big windfall in the Linux community that Flash 11 x64 added Crystal HD support to their binaries).

    Getting off subject: Oh well on BlueStacks, I plan to start messing with the Android x86 ICS release and see if I can kludge some drivers from various Ubuntu projects in there. My plan is to install Android to an SD card from a USB flash drive and see if I can bake a workable ROM. I'm most worried about getting the CPU support working so battery life is acceptable. The x86 ICS build is very responsive and boots quickly, giving the ability to reasonably switch to Android for software better touch optimized there. This is especially important to me if Windows 8 doesn't add a Metro compatibility for 1024x600. I would rather run full out touch screen apps in Android at that point and keep Window 7 for productivity and general use. Android x86 on the Slate 500 runs circles around just about any ARM based tablet and the stylus works surprisingly well.

    I'm new to the Slate 500, so I thought I would drop in and contribute. Good platform and concept and room for improvement. The dream list is obviously for a "Slate 3" in identical or better form factor and battery with dual core Cedarview, 3/4G add-on, Wacom digitizer, and somewhere around 1366x768 or 1600x900 resolution (DPI set at 125% on the latter for readability).
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    Very informative post, thank you.
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