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    It would be nice if there was a common list of benchmark results easily accessible on the site. Yes, I know if I read a review, PCMark5 results will be displayed for that computer as well as some competitors. But if two machines are released at the same time, it is highly unlikely that the two new reviews will include both machines benchmarks in their reviews.

    As such, it would be nice if there was a link to a master link of benchmarks. As a new machine is reviewed and benchmarked, then the test results would be added to the master benchmarks lists.

    (Adding a source for each benchmark software would also be nice. That way people could benchmark their current machines and get feel for how much of an improvement the next machine would be...)

    Linking the individual machines to reviews and prices would be gravy.

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    Yes that would be great. But on the other hand benchmark results are not really that important.
    And most tablet PCs use the same chipset and CPU.
    The only interesting part would be the GPU sector, but there we have benchmark results which compare this.

    But still a little overview would be great, or at least a simplified list like:
    C2D with X3100, C2D LV with X3100, C2D ULV with X3100
    C2D with GM45, ...
    AMD ...

    But such a list, which is even better than a tablet specific list could also be done by a forum member which has too much spare time :D
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