Backlight Dead, No Simple Fix - User Repair Ideas?

Discussion in 'EP121 Slate' started by Lazer, Jun 17, 2014.

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    I was going through a heck of a time with a new battery I picked up - requiring a few opening's and battery swapping/etc. I'll spare the battery adventure details here, but in attempt to figure out WTF - I carefully reseated a few connectors to make sure they were all connected well, free of dust or whatever.

    I did that, plugged it back in, turned it on - and voila, no backlight :(

    I've read through everything I can find here - pushing down on things or whatever, simple stuff - nothing is helping. I am surprised that the choices here seem to be - push down on a wire, or throw it away... I may be harsh on the throw it away line, but that would make more sense than paying more than it's worth for an ASUS repair, which seems to be option two on here.

    So... Any ideas on what the heck I did here? More-so, possible fix ideas? Is that backlight cable replaceable? One side is obviously removable, but about the part under the fans there - I couldn't tell. I wonder if I fried a board/part or maybe a wire broke in the cable. Does anyone know if that cable is available or replaceable? Is it possible to replace the backlight board - or is everything all one unit with the screen itself?

    I feel there must be an actual way to repair this. If there has been such a post here, I apologize - but I have spent hours combing posts for an answer, and found nothing of value for my situation.

    Thankfully, this is my second unit - so it's not the end of the world, but still a bummer as I was going to pass it down to a friend. I don't want to have to trash it or whatnot.

    Ideas? :confused:
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    Changing battery should not affect the the backlight...
    Did you check the back light connector?
    it is next to fan under a cable...tape etc...

    do a cmos well.
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