b&n nook color and android apps

Discussion in 'Barnes & Noble' started by maria elena perez, Sep 19, 2012.

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    I want to know if the nook color allowed me to download android apps.
    thank you
    maria elena
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    When I bought mine it was not in stock condition so I cannot say for sure.
    You could check the XDA Forums, there is a wealth of information. I'm pretty sure your question has been asked before many times.

    Special feature of the Nook Color is that it will automatically run alternative OS from the SD card if such is installed. There is no need to root the device itself. I have 8GB SD Card with Android 2.3 installed, I don't use Nook's own OS at all. I used my Nook mostly for comics and only recently replaced it with 8.2" Xoom 2 as I got one cheap.

    Biggest downside for the Nook Color is slow CPU, if I remember correctly only 600Mhz. Just slow enough so it won't play 720p video well. For reading and websurfing it is fine.
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