AVTN8: Is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by chrismariusb, Aug 30, 2015.

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    I have owned two of them, loved them whole they worked, only to end up sending them back to Amazon within a month or two because of their numerous problems (most of which I would probably have simply looked past if not for the digitizer consistently going to ****).

    I currently use the Vivotab TF810C, but the two of these that I own both have issues with BSODing. I really want another 8" tablet and were it not for the digitizer failure on the Note8, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one.

    Should I roll the dice and get another, knowing it's probably going to **** out on me? Or try a different manufacturer? I've had the Toshiba Excite write suggested, but I really dislike the idea of a digitizer i have to replace the battery in. Samsung Galaxy Note # have also been suggested, but I currently have ALL of my notes in Microsoft OneNote, and I don't know if that is even available on Android (in fact, I have read that the Galaxy Note 8's pen is simply incompatible with OneNote).

    Or should I just hang on and wait for 8" Windows 10 tablets to start coming out, and just pray for Wacom digitizers?
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    I use OneNote for Android on my Galaxy Note 8, what you need to realize is that on Android OneNote is a note taker not a note management software. You'll still need the Windows desktop version for structure and manipulation, but for writing and searching notes it works fine on Android.

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    I you want to use Desktop OneNote and want to move to win 10, you will not like your AVN8 because at present time there is a bug in palm rejection that create lots of bsod.
    But if you are ready to stay on 8.1 until the bug is solved, the AVN8 is a very very good product.
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    Sorry, a bit late to reply this. Well, overall, it's not bad. Not perfect, but not bad.

    I got mine for about 250 USD 64GB so for me it was a pretty good deal for a fairly affordable pen tablet. It's just nice to have full Windows; you will always have the freedom to do high level organization of your documents and data on you tablet with a set of bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I mainly bought this device for that extra freedom, without having to rely on my stay home Surface Pro to do all the "PC stuff".

    Only problem is Touch screen and Wacom digitizer probably will die on you eventually, although there is a good chance you can DIY fix it (thanks to this very helpful community and guide). Mine was fine for over 1 year, then started having problems after warranty expired.

    Wacom driver crashed my tablet into BSOD if used my pen while tablet was stood vertically (yes, 90 degrees angle from the ground). Weird, but... I guess it was because the digitizer cable was moving too much which gave bad connection at a certain angle. So, I opened the case, unplugged and replug the cable as firmly and gently as I could, taped the cable up and secured it so it doesn't move as much, and that problem was fixed. Then 1 month later touch input won't be registered every time I wake my tablet from sleep. I notice the Driver will have an error, which resolves when I disable it and enable it again. But the problem is consistent (100% touch will go out if I put my tablet to sleep and wake it) and it's troublesome to go to device manager to restart everytime. So opened the case again, did the same thing I did with the Wacom cable to the Touch sensor cable, problem solved.

    And it has been about 2 weeks since I did that, no problem so far.

    So yeah. Things will most likely go wrong. My gf also bought one about 3 months ago, and now she started having the same touch screen problem I had. It's not because the rest of the hardware has bad quality. But the wacom and touch cables just doesn't work very well, and 95% of the problem comes from them. There is a good chance you can DIY everything without paying a dime, but no one can guarantee anything. So always keep in mind there is always a risk for these problems with this tablet. But if you can live with that and overcome these problems, this device is still quite decent especially for the price tag.

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