Automatic display rotation with ProtectSmart Accelerometer

Discussion in 'HP TouchSmart TM2 (Wacom)' started by CompuGeek, Aug 17, 2010.

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    Necro post, but the forum is dead anyways. For clarification purposes I am making this reply. What I am trying to get at is a button that can be accessed anywhere, be it desktop or ModernUI. The best implementation I believe would have been where the Screen Rotate Lock is located in the charms menu (FYI, it's Charms>Settings>Brightness). What I am saying is if instead for devices that do not have accelerometers (such as the tm2) that instead of it showing a greyed out screen rotation lock, it let use rotate the screen this way. Sure we have the hardware button, but sometimes that takes ages for it to kick in, and it would have to work with HP updating the software, but I highly doubt that will happen since we don't have Windows 8 support from HP or even Intel in terms of graphics. Another method that would have been nice would have been Charms>Devices then an option to click on Primary Display and it show all the different orientations. This would probably be the fastest way to get the screen rotated without having to get to the desktop.
    Sure I could throw something together with AutoHotkey, but you could equally just pin the Windows Mobility Center to the taskbar to get to the different orientation. Problem with these methods is you need to get back to the desktop, which is highly cumbersome. You could try to redirect the hardware button, but again there's that lag making it redundant to even try that. So the quickest workaround is just getting the advance software keyboard and hitting Ctrl+Alt and an Arrow key to get the orientation you want.
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