Automatic actions when converting to tablet mode?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Anonymouse, Jan 24, 2008.

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    Does anyone know if there's a way to have your tablet perform specific actions when converting into and out of tabled mode? I know many tablets automatically perform some features (such as screen rotation), but I was wondering if anyone knew a way to add more functions as a user.

    My specific want I address in a post
    where I want to automatically disable the Trackpoint on my x61 because it accidentally gets moved around by the back of my screen when writing in tablet mode, causing some problems. I made a quick "work around" by just trimming my Trackpoint cover down, but that is a less than ideal solution.

    I figure other useful functions could be:
    - opening a program (i.e. OneNote)
    - resizing open windows to properly fit the screen dimensions

    If anyone has any idea on how to do this, or where to even start looking for learning how to do this, I would appreciate it.

    The best idea I could come up with came from reading on a Ubuntu forum
    where they were just trying to get autorotate to work in linux by using the acpi event codes for the conversion events. Unfortunately I have no idea how to do that in Windows Vista, and even if I did I'm not sure how I would have it disable the trackpoint.

    Any ideas/suggestions/help would be appreciated! Thanks

    PS (and more specifically about my issue) does anyone know if there is a script I could write to disable/enable the trackpoint and make that a shortcut I could manually use when converting between modes?
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