Aton TN3270 .NET Framework Editions Now Available

Discussion in 'Software' started by Brian, Mar 16, 2004.

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    LOS ALTOS, Calif., March 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Aton International, Inc.
    ( ), Specialists in Device Integration, Data Access and Smart Client software, today announced the release of the .NET version of Aton(R) TN3270 for XP-Tablet PC 5.6. Aton TN3270 for XP 5.6 was developed using the .NET framework to meet the needs of enterprises wanting to easily access mainframe applications with Tablet PCs and XP Laptops without additional middleware.
    The product has passed the "Verified for XP" test conducted by Veritest, an independent third party testing lab. This test, which was designed by Microsoft, is intended to promote product development practices that will ensure a good user experience with Microsoft Windows(R) XP. "We are committed to providing products and services that help enterprises maximize their existing IT investment. With judicious use of .NET technology, an enterprise can innovate to meet changing business needs while continuing to use existing IT systems," commented Charles Wilde, CTO and Founder.
    "A .NET version of Aton TN3270 for the Pocket PC is also being released as a Beta version. We are actively soliciting input from the mainframe user community to refine the set of features included in our Pocket PC product. We would like to offer the right combination of features to enhance business innovation while maintaining ease of use and low cost," says Wilde.
    Through April 15, 2004, anyone who downloads the Beta version of Aton TN3270 for Pocket PC, and fills out a very brief survey after trying it, will receive a free copy of the fully licensed product when it is released. Aton offers free 30-day trial versions of its products on its web site along with free SDKs which can be used to tailor the user interface into a "Smart Client" for the particular needs of the enterprise application. The web site address is
    Aton TN3270 is client-side software that, once installed on the user's device, can use standard communication channels to access and update data stored in enterprise mainframe systems. This "Direct Connection" approach to enterprise data access and its advantages are described in a free report, "Architecting Mobile Access to Mainframe Data for for Business Innovation." To request a free copy, email

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