Atari Arcade and Atari Greatest Hits App Review for iPad Discussion

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    Serious gamers universally disdain tablet onscreen controls. At best, virtual d-pads and buttons are poor substitutes for real buttons and inputs that provide limited physical resistance and haptic feedback; at worst, they cripple gameplay.

    That&rsquo;s why I was so excited about the Atari Arcade by Discovery Bay Games that I included it in the <a target="_blank" href="" title="Noting What's Nice in Yuletide Tech Gifts">TechnologyGuide 12 Tech Days of Christmas</a> after only a few minutes of hands-on time. There is a dearth of gamepads for the Apple iPad (<a target="_blank" href=";news=google+android+os+honeycomb+3.1+tablet" title="Google Android Honeycomb 3.1 Hands On Review ">Android supports both plug-in USB</a> and many Bluetooth controllers), and countless iOS games that could benefit from a real controller, especially the Atari Greatest Hits app that features 100 of Atari&rsquo;s best arcade and Atari 2600 console titles.

    Admittedly, my initial enthusiasm was at least partially based on Atari nostalgia. So with an impartial reviewer cap on, divorced from my penchant for 80s videogaming, does the Atari Arcade hold up as a viable iPad accessory? Let&rsquo;s find out.

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