Asus Zenbook Flip 15, 2-1 with ScreenPad (2020 / UX563)

Discussion in 'Asus' started by daddyfish, Dec 28, 2020.

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    I just noticed this version of the 15 inch Asus Zenbook Flip laptop (it was actually released begin of this year, Tiger Lake version might be released in ~1-2 months perhaps). Now the reason why I still made this thread is as far as I know this is the only (or only I actually noticed in being sold in shops) 2-1 laptop with a Asus ScreenPad (version 2).
    For you that do not know the Asus ScreenPad; it is a 5.65 inch touchscreen that replaced your touchpad. The idea is that it can function as a touchpad but also (for applications that support it like Spotify, Evernote or Office etc.) offer handy shortcut keys. Alternatively it can be used as a 2nd screen (bit tiny but could be handy for music or walkthroughs or such), for drawing, note taking or disabled completely (/if only touchpad functionality is required). It kind of reminds me of the Macbook Pro touchbar but this seems to be more flexible since the screen is not so narrow.
    Good description of the functionality (note this is a different Asus laptop):

    Pros / cons at first glance:
    + Versatile: 360 degree hinge, touchscreen / pen support, ScreenPad
    + Somewhat light at 1.9 kg for a 15.6 inch 2-1 laptop
    + Dedicated graphics card (Nvidia 1050, basically entry gaming graphics card, roughly twice as fast as MX150/250 or newest Vega/Iris igpu's)
    + Extensive port selection
    - Bit on the pricey side if overlooking the ScreenPad
    - Not meant purely for gaming; can become hot when gaming for longer times
    - Battery life is reduced a little with ScreenPad toggled on. This was a big issue with older versions of the ScreenPad but has been mostly fixed in version 2.

    More info:
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