Asus Vivotab Note 8 pen pressure not working

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Is your pen pressure working on win10 21H2?

  1. Yes, I can draw a smooth line from thin to thicc

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  2. No, the pressure curve stopped working

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  1. Unemsy

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    After updating windows 10 version 1507 to the latest 21H2 pen pressure stopped working. Touch had failed and the pen was intermittent, so I also reseated the cables after I upgraded. Touch works and the pen is recognized but pen pressure doesn't work and the line is quite glitchy and requires a heavy press to recognize. I tried installing old wacom feel drivers, ISD_DualTouch_731-7, which didn't make a difference, as well as two newer versions of the feel driver, which caused the pen to be completely unrecognized.

    I have both the original pen and the surface pen, both of which exhibit the same behavior. The pen worked perfectly on 1507. However I can't rule out a ribbon cable issue without trying to revert back to 1507, which would be rather difficult as I deleted the last windows version immediately to restore the 10gb of space it occupied.

    Has anyone been able to verify pen pressure on the latest windows 10? What's the last known version of windows and driver the tablet supports? Sometimes it might be difficult to tell if pen pressure is working, so make sure you can create a smooth line with a smooth transition from thin to thick. Sometimes if I press just right it seems like there might be 2 pressure levels. I've tested in windows pen input box, fresh paint, and krita. There is also a glitchiness in the line.
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    Ive had my unit since 2014 and replaced my ribbon cable a few months later. Never really had any issues with my unit. However, the last few years, have not used it much but do turn it on every few months to update windows. I just tested the latest update and it seems to work for me. I tested this in OneNote 2013. The main difference I see is I am using an even older driver version ISD_DUALTOUCH_720-9 from 2014.
    I attached an example. Doing this exercise, I realized the original Asus pen I have to press much harder and you can barely see any difference. Out of the pens I tested, the note 9 is the smoothest.

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