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Discussion in 'Asus' started by Booyahzman, Dec 13, 2013.

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    Hey all!

    These two tablets, the Asus TX300 and T300 Transformer Books are exactly the tablets I've been waiting for! I just wish you could MERGE them together and make one very awesome tablet! But alas, it seems we have to pick between the two and the pros and cons each has! Myself, I'm on the fence about which one would fit my needs better. For my purposes, I'm going to compare the TX300 and the T300 Core i7 models.

    TX300 PROS:
    - Extra battery in keyboard dock
    - 500Gb HDD in keyboard dock
    - Ethernet port--and others on keyboard dock

    TX300 CONS:
    - 3rd Generation Core i7
    - 4GB RAM
    - Intel HD Graphics 4000

    T300 PROS:
    - 4th Generation Core i7 (or i3/i5 depending on model)
    - 8GB RAM
    - Intel HD Graphics 4400

    T300 CONS:
    - No extra battery in keyboard dock
    - 256Gb HDD in tablet only
    - No inherent Ethernet port

    Unfortunately, without more information I'm kind of on the line as to which would be better for my needs. I don't know what the average uptime the TX300 can stay on where as the T300 seems to have around 8 hours of on-time. I do a lot of photo editing and keep a pretty sizable gallery of photo stocks on my current laptop (roughly 30Gb+) plus all my music (another 20-30Gbb). Will a 128Gb or 256Gb HDD be enough room for everything I keep with me? Just a couple questions I keep teetering on that prevent me from making a decision.

    What's your thoughts on the above two tablets? I'm also leaning towards the T300's Core i5 version just because of the nice price of around $900 USD. I've been looking for some really good comparisons out on the web, but either I haven't found them yet or none exist.
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    Lots of views, but no responses. Anyone out there with experience with the TX300 at all?

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