ASUS T303UA can use powerbank

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Jellypyu, Jan 25, 2019.

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    (It was written in Google Translator.)
    구글번역기를 이용해 작성함

    this thread talk about Power Bank, maybe not notebook.

    I searched on Google, but did not find this information,
    I buy it myself and write it down after I use it.

    after all i have t303ua, It is a used product.
    t303ua is detachable laptop. Performance is pretty good. it has touchscreen. and stylus
    but pen is pretty suck. Thunderbolt 3 on laptop, so I think e-gpu is also possible.

    but this laptop's battery does not last long. (3.5 ~ 6 hour)
    I wanted to try Power Bank. To feel the comfort of the heart?

    Thunderbolt 3 is designed to be able to charge by the powerbank.
    however There were many articles saying that this laptop should not be used.

    To charge the notebook, the power bank support USB pd charging.

    1. Mi powerbank 20000 2c

    I had this powerbank before buying this laptop.
    Test results. = Fail XD (The notebook does not even recognize it.)

    2. allo 1100pd

    This power bank says it's charging usb-pd.
    So I looked forward to it but it does not charge.
    laptop does not even recognize it. can't charge 1mAh

    How much power do I need to charge for notebook charging as well as usb pd support?
    I was late to see the specifications of the adapter.
    20v * 2.25A (45W)

    It's a notebook that does not officially recommend charging through a power bank.
    Is it possible to equalize output as much as possible?

    I searched some power banks with 45W output.
    zmi 820 <- This battery is said to output about 80W. 20000mAh
    And price is high. 82000won (74$) It takes 10 days to ship.
    (mi powerbank 20000 2c = 17000won (15$)


    So I looked for web shopping. then i found this battery
    made by Wickio. product name is called crb003


    it can output 20v 2.25A (45W)
    I was a little nervous because I had never heard Wickio
    The price is about 20$ cheaper than qb820 (50$)
    I bought it because it looks like a lot of reviews.



    The test results will be charged.
    And the speed is also very fast

    The power bank itself is charging very quickly

    Notebooks that do not recommend power bank charging
    Must use power bank with equal or higher output than notebook adapter
    It seems to be charging properly.

    umm. ... after all, I usually do not have to go outside with my laptop.
    then I using laptop charging it with an adapter.

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    I am using asus vivoBook S14. Can I apply this method?
  3. Jellypyu

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    Maybe it seems impossible.
    The usb c type in vivobook s14 is not Thunderbolt 3.
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