Asus R2h's Double Capacity Battery - Real weight and thickness

Discussion in 'Asus' started by The Niles, Nov 5, 2006.

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    I know we are wayyyy off topic here so I apologise but..
    I again know what you mean about Audi prices in the UK but it doesn't stop at Audi either.
    Cars in general are still more expensive in the UK than elsewhere.
    A few years back it was really and I do mean really bad...
    We had people getting on the ferry to Europe and buying the cars in droves... Even when they arrived back in the UK with their shinny Merc's & BMW's and were hit hard by customs it was still a significant savings.
    Anyway, there was that much anger in the people, the government in the end had to scrap a lot of taxes to try to get people to purchase cars from the UK car distribution network.
    It eased the problem but prices remain much higher than in say Germany.

    But it's the same with everything.... We pay a lot more for the same and although we shout and moan at the government we put up with it in a way..

    Just look at house prices and fuel...
    I own a large detached four bed house and a share with my brother in a farm...
    The house is worth around £350 - £400,000 ($666 - $761,000USD) and heaven knows how much the farm is worth... But these are normal prices in the UK and in central London it's a lot higher, just depends on where you live that counts.
    It's got that a lot of UK homeowners purchase property abroad in cheaper places like France, Spain and Portugal.
    This in turn has started to shove house prices in these countries right up and the locals are finding it hard to get on the market. As such this is now effecting their governments.
    Basically wherever their is demand, it will shove prices up high... and people get rich.

    As to fuel..... we pay nearly the highest price for gas at well over £4 (around $8USD) a gallon.

    ...and WOWWW are we so off topic here sorry :)
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    Is anyone already selling the extended battery and what is its price? I only got a single 3 cell battery with my R2H but then it only cost €700 (with tax).
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