ASUS R2H Review (Pic + Specs)

Discussion in 'Asus' started by P8RSON, Nov 10, 2006.

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    This R2H is the first ASUS UMPC, which means Ultra Mobile PC. It is a very sleek looking UMPC which is powered by a Celeron M.
    The R2H has competitors like the Sony VAIO UX180P and Samsung Q1. The R2H is reasonably priced at $999 USD/$1149 Canadian. Let’s see what the R2H has in store for us.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Intel® ULV Celeron® M Processor 900MHz
    Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition
    Chipset Intel® 910GML
    Main Memory On board 256MB DDR 533MHz +1 x SODIMM 512 MB
    Display 7″ active matrix TFT(800×480)
    ASUS Splendid Video Intelligence Technology
    Video Graphics & Memory Intel® GMA 900
    Hard Drive 1.8 60 GB
    Card Reader SD card slot push / pull type
    Fax /Modem/ LAN/WLAN On board 10/100 LAN
    Integrated 802.11b/g
    Built-in Bluetooth™ V2.0+EDR
    LED Status Indicator Power on/Suspend
    LED off (Battery Full) /LED on (Charging)/Low(LED sparkle)
    Interface 1 x R2H Port Bar connector for external hub(S/PDIF, VGA, DC-in, 3 USB, LAN) / VGA function support via VGA Cable
    2x USB 2.0A ports
    1 x mini-USB2.0A port
    1 x Microphone
    1 x Headphone
    1 x AV (Audio + Video) out
    1 x RJ45 (LAN port)
    Shortcuts Thumb Sticker
    Page Up & Down Button
    Functional Setting Button
    4 Way Directional Button
    WLAN/ Bluetooth Switch button
    Log-in(SAS) Key
    Audio Built-in 1 mono speaker and 1 microphone
    Battery Pack & Life Polymer battery 6860mAh, 48W/hr
    AC Adapter Output: 12V DC, 3A, 36W
    9.3" x 5.2" x 1.1"
    ~1Kg/ 2Lbs (with extended battery)
    Fingerprint Reader

    Initial Impression:
    The R2H come in a nice cubed shaped box, once you open it you will see two boxes, one for the R2H and one for the accessories.
    The sleeve in which the R2H is protected is very sleek, even the Velcro won't scratch, it is a unique design.
    At a first glance of the R2H, the 7" screen is jaw dropping gorgeous when compared to other UMPC with smaller screens.
    The entire look of the R2H is very sleek, and ASUS has chosen the gun metal grey colour, just like the W3J and R1F.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The screen is matte and 7 inches in size, it is bright and there are 16 brightness levels. On the highest brightness level the screen is good, I even feel comfortable using the screen at 8/16 brightness.

    The horizontal viewing angles are roughly 105 degrees both ways and the vertical viewing angles are roughly 105 degrees up and down.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    There is no visible light leakage when the black screen saver came on, also the contrast seems good, the blacks are black and the whites are white.

    There are 3 screen resolutions, 800x480, 800x600 and 1024x600, I find that the highest resolution to be the best since you can fit as much as possible into the screen and still be able to read the text. I have tried all resolutions and they are all nice to read and use on, but I prefer the highest resolution.

    In my opinion, there seems to be some sort of pixilation or slight screen sparkling, the screen doesn't look like my LCD or CRT, however the colours are fine.

    The screen itself is very nicely protected by the entire chassis, the bezel around it is strong, and there is no flexing on the screen no matter how hard you press with the stylus, which shows the quality of ASUS products.

    Buttons and Joystick:
    Right when you hold the R2H in your hands you can see and feel that the buttons are recessed, so that you don't accidentally press them. I like this because this further enhances the sleek look of the R2H.

    Looking to the left of the screen, you have the finger print reader, left mouse click, right mouse click, D-Pad, a menu button which brings the user to a variety of features, and a speaker.


    Above the screen there is the 1.3 mega pixel camera and a mic.
    To the right of the screen there's a joystick which is very fun, up and down buttons, screen options.
    To the bottom right corner there are 5 LEDs, first one is power, battery, PC activity, wireless and Bluetooth.

    The joystick is very easy to maneuver. It is very precise and if you tap it with your finger, which will resemble a left click.

    UMPC Usage and performance:
    The first time using the pen it feels a little off, for example the mouse seems to be above my pen by 1cm, after a while the pen and mouse become synchronized nicely.

    The pen has a silo located on the back left corner, in which the pen fits nicely into it, not scratching the pen like the R1F. The pen has some nice weight to it, and it also retracts to be come smaller if needed.

    When you select areas in which you can type, for example the URL bar for Internet Explorer, you can bring out a keyboard on to the screen. The keyboard has all the keys you need and you can even press them with your finger, but this is not advised. The pen does a decent job of keeping up with my typing. For example you need to take the pen and press "" and as you press the letters appear. However, I felt this to be very slow in terms of efficiency and in terms of processor.

    On a good note, when browsing internet articles, you can use the up and down keys on the right hand side to scroll up and down.

    Loading programs, applications and even movies on the hard drive take some time to load. I wish it was a faster and had a better CPU in there.

    Start up also takes some time because of the numerous amount of programs installed, some of them are useless and will be removed or replaced by better programs that use less resources.

    The hard drive is a 1.8" 60GB @4200rpm and I transferred 1.5GB from an external hard drive to the UMPC hard drive and it took 2 minutes, this is very slow.

    Overall this UMPC can only do the very basic and light work, however this does require a lot of CPU usage in order to do very basic tasks.

    Sound System:
    I was watching a movie called The Omen and the sound was very low even though Windows media player is at maxed and the volume setting is at maxed. No bass, but the treble seems ok for low volume speaker.

    The sound in the headphones are great, the treble and bass are really good, no static problems or anything.

    Also there's only one speaker, and it run in mono, at this price I would like to have two speakers running in stereo.
    To access the volume on the UMPC you press the button below the arrow keys, and there are 16 levels for volume.

    Build Quality:
    The build quality is excellent, no flexing anywhere no matter how much pressure you put. The screen also does not ripple when you apply reasonable or a little excessive pressure. The entire UMPC feel very solid all around, everything is held perfectly in place.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Heat and Noise:
    In terms of heat the entire UMPC is warm, it feels comfortable in my hands and on my lap, and the heat is not bothersome.
    There is about a two inch vent located above the screen, and the heat that comes out of it is just warm. It doesn't matter whether you’re doing light or heavy related tasks; the air coming out of the vent is just warm, but not hot.

    Furthermore, there is just a faint "whir" sound that comes out of the UMPC which is not bothersome at all; you will not hear this in many areas while using it. You may hear the "whir" sound when you’re in a library setting but others around you will not be able to hear it since you do have to be close to hear it.

    (to be Continued)
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    Input and Outputs:

    Top side
    AV Out, USB 2.0, Hold Key, Heat Exhaust, SD Card Reader, Wireless and Bluetooth, SAS Key (Login), Power Button

    Right Side
    Power Input, Mic in, Headphone Jack, USB 2.0, Expansion Port, LAN Port

    Left Side
    Micro USB

    Release Battery, Unlock Battery

    Dimension and weight:
    The ASUS R2H has a 7" LCD in which it weighs roughly ~2 pounds which I find just good enough to carry and use in one hand.


    The size of the R2H is 9.3" x 5.2" x 1.1", these are great dimensions for carrying and could possible fit in some women's purses. I would feel very comfortable having this in a sleeve like the one ASUS provides and then putting it into my backpack for school.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Wireless and Bluetooth:
    The wireless connection worked flawlessly. There is an integrated 802.11b/g in the ASUS R2H. Once the UMPC was booted, I only had to make 3 clicks and type a password to get online and surf the internet.
    The connection strength showed 5 full bars and speeds were great.

    Bluetooth connectivity is easy; the Bluetooth manager is very easy to operate and connected to my RAZR V3i easily.

    Fingerprint Reader and 1.3m Camera:
    The fingerprint reader works nicely, but it takes time to get used to it and how to swipe you finger, do it slowly and etc.
    The program work nicely too you can put passwords by using your fingerprint. However, if you touch the fingerprint reader by accident it prompts you with a message and this is very annoying time to time.

    The camera is a nice feature in which you can do video conferencing, but the quality is not great at all, don't expect to use this for professional work. The images have different resolutions for the picture, 640x400 and 1280x960 are the 2 highest.

    I am using the polymer battery 6860mAh, which fits nicely into the back of the UMPC

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Brightness out of 16
    Power setting - Max battery life

    16/16 = 3.15 hours
    8/16 = 3.20 hours

    Power setting - High Performance
    16/16 = 2.35 hours
    8/16 = 2.56 hours

    Overall I think the battery life if just satisfactory, not impressed with it, especially since there's not much performance.

    Software and Miscellaneous:
    When you get the UMPC and turn it on, in the system tray there a vast amount of programs running, like Norton, the Bluetooth Manager, Dial keys, ASUS Multiframe, ASUS Live update and others which are pretty much normal.

    There are CD's that come in the box and they are just ASUS CDs for the needed features. Also there is a Recovery Disk.

    The extras that ASUS included are a mini USB mouse, a stand for the R2H, a micro fiber cloth to clean the screen, and the sleeve that the R2H comes in.
    The cables it comes with it are, a mini USB to USB cable, Expansion Port to VGA out cable, and an ASUS USB Netlink cable with CD for drivers.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I think this is good that ASUS provides these extras and accessories, this helps the R2H become more versatile.

    Super Pi 2M was calculated in 5 minutes and 18 seconds, yes this is extremely slow when compared to Core 2 Duo laptops, which can do roughly 1 minute and 20 seconds or so.

    PCMark05 was an agonizing 17 minute wait, while the R2H achieved 658 marks.

    HD Tune
    While doing the test the hard drive temp was 47 degrees Celsius, which in my opinion is a little warm.

    Transfer Rate
    Min = 2.4 MB/sec
    Max = 22.5 MB/sec
    AVG = 18.3 MB/sec

    Access Time = 20.8ms
    Burst Rate = 58 MB/sec
    CPU Usage = 18.4%

    LCD <- Nice big 7" LCD screen
    Sleek <- The design is very sleek and good looking
    Quality <- Very good quality, no flex or rippling
    Buttons <- I like the recessed buttons and their functionality
    Pen & Silo <- There's a silo in which the stylus goes into for portability
    Audio Jack <- This jack works nicely
    Ports & Layout <- A nice variety of ports and their layout
    Freebies <- I like the mouse, sleeve, micro fiber cloth, stand and the extra cables
    Bluetooth <- My phone connected perfectly to the R2H
    GPS <- Great feature, usable in a car when driving
    Fingerprint Reader <- Great feature for added security for such a portable device
    Light <- It only weighs 2 pounds

    LCD <- The viewing angles are ok
    Heat <- The entire UMPC is warm
    Noise <- Something this small and weak should be silent no matter what

    LCD <- Some pixilation and screen sparkles
    Speakers <- Very low volume and sound quality
    Pen <- The synchronization is a little weird
    Performance <- This performs horribly compared to today's technology
    Heat <- Some may find this too warm when comparing to other UMPC
    1.3m Camera <- The quality is not so good
    Battery life <- Some would find this to be quite low, averaging around 3 hours


    Overall this UMPC has good looks, has a big screen and exceptional quality. This UMPC is more designed for people who want to do light tasks and sit on a bed and read some articles. It can do some browsing, menial tasks, but don't expect much out of this. I recommend this to journalists, light writers, laid back people who want to be connected to the internet everywhere including laying back on a couch or a bed. I would also suggest users to get the optional keyboard for the R2H for easier use.


    This review is completed by Akhil Parujanwala at in the new Markham showroom, come and visit to see the vast amount of laptops on display, pictures below.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Seems like the first decent UMPC with all the good features are the right price.
  4. P8RSON

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    Yes.. So much so, I'm very much considering purchasing one of these myself :)
  5. P8RSON

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    Just a quick question....
    Reference the ASUS USB Netlink cable... Could someone please provide any further information on this and with a link if possible.
    Thanks :)
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    Thank you MilestonePC...
    It will be interesting to see how well it performs.

    I rather like this one that ASUS have provided and with it's very own bag to carry it in as well.

    I know I have already mentioned before in a different topic, but the more I look at what exactly you get with this particular UMPC makes me admire ASUS.

    The UK one is indeed much dearer at £720 UK Pounds (around $1371 USD) but we in the UK always pay a lot more for our goods and when you then consider you not only get the accessories that MilestonePC kindly inform us but a lot more besides.

    I.E. the UK R2H comes complete with:-
    1. ASUS R2H
    2. Bluetooth built in ~ earlier European models came with a USB Key
    3. DVDRW Optical Drive
    4. 2 x batteries ~ 1 x 6860mAh and 1 x 3430mAh
    5. mini Mouse ~ nice tidy-away USB cable
    6. Targus Keyboard
    7. Digital USB TV Key with Remote and portable TV Aerial
    8. Sleeve Case ~ fine quality with velcro and side zips fasteners.
    9. Stand
    10. USB Network Cable with CD for drivers
    11. mini USB to Standard USB cable
    12. Expansion Port to VGA out cable
    13. Power Cable
    14. Screen Care Cleaning Cloth
    15. Windows XP Tablet Ed CD
    16. ASUS Recovery CD
    17. Microsoft Autoroute 2006 ~ 2 x CD's
    18. Other ASUS Installed CD's ~ 4 in number
    19. Printed Manual & Quick Start Guide
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    Yes, that's correct, the UK one is still worth the price when your getting all of those extras, personaly having that keyboard would have been a lot more helpfull when writing the review, I HIGHLY recommend getting the keyboard if one was to use it for notetaking and for home general uses.

    Thanks for pointing that out :D

    PS: The reason why the review is split among 2 post just like the R1F review, is because the site only allows 18 pictures per posts, as you can see my reviews are 2 double that, and it would be nice to have the entire review in one post.

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    Thanks MilestonePC.
    Indeed, it is an excellent bundle.

    I know not everyone would require everything but for those of us who do it makes it a lot easier and cheaper in the long run.

    Reference the posts and graphics..
    Yes, there is a limit of 18 graphics.
    Normally this is enough to suffice a review but I can see as in your posts I need for further.

    I'm not sure if Barry would change the amount though...
    Indeed I was asked this very same question in a different forum which I help to run.
    In fact I was also asked to increase the post word count to over 3000 as well... A mighty post if all 3000 words are used :)
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    I definately agree, in general people like to get more stuff with their product.

    Yup, I hope so. This forum as much potential as and others and I have many posts that exceed 18 images or even 3000 words (i think).
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