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    I decide to write about my experience with ASUS.

    At 27/08/2012 I decide to spend a large amount of money to Zenbook UX31E.

    The problems until now:

    1. I have sent it to change the Display (29/08/2012)

    2. I have wifi connection problems (30/11/2013)

    3. Blank LCD Screen. Replace for second time.(20/08/2014)

    4. Replace Adaptor.(20/08/2014)

    5. Replace Power Socket. (20/08/2014)

    6. Replace SSD (20/08/2014)

    7. Replace Adaptor again .(04/03/2015)

    8. Replace Power Socket again. (04/03/2015)

    And all those problems from one of the best models of ASUS.

    In about five month that ASUS replace my Power Socket and Adaptor they charge my 63 euros to replace again the same accessories because they told me that I was responsible for that!

    I will not buy again ASUS product.

    I will never advice one of my friend to buy ASUS product.

    I don’t advice you to buy ASUS product.

    I will never choose ASUS for my customers.

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