Asus eee note review, from an artist :)

Discussion in 'Asus (Android)' started by latinvixen, Dec 31, 2010.

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    Trying to get actual detail into sketches on the Eee Note is maddening. I've tried to stretch everything I can out of the limited variety of pens, but as you found, the greys on computer differ to those on the tablet, the calibration messes up at the edges of the screen, it's hard to predict where exactly your penstroke is going to land for precise work, and - with seriously intricate sketches - undo stops working properly -.-

    I've given up on using it for full detail, and am now finding it much more relaxing + satisfying to do bold, low-detail sketches instead:

    (purple text was added in Photoshop)

    Today, I downloaded GaintMP from QtPacker, and it showed a lot of promise! I'm going to upsample my pen to 110pps again (it was breathtaking in Notes when I tested it the day before I bricked my Eee Note) and have a play with GaintMP instead of Notes for once :D I'm quite excited to try some new sketches!

    As a tool for an artist... I highly recommend it. It breaks down a certain barrier of commitment to a drawing (as burger says, to be less precious), so one can fluidly produce reams of sketches without having to set out tools, plan ahead, or do anything right first try. I'd love to see the Eee Note getting more attention so Asus thinks of making more software for it, but can't imagine any famous artists possessing them yet :(
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