Are there any leaks, rumors, or news around a possible Tap 8 tablet?

Discussion in 'VAIO / Sony' started by sonus911, Dec 3, 2013.

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  1. sonus911

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    I would really love a small lightweight, Sony svelte, 8 inch Windows 8 tablet. After owning an iPad mini, I know that I'll probably never be satisfied with the external hardware of a Dell Venue Pro 8.

    However, a small tablet would make life at work just great, and some clue as to whether I should just go ahead and pick up a DVP 8 or wait for a Sony version would be extremely valuable.
  2. wataru

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    I couldn't wait and get my V8P. It's more like a transition device for me because of its cheap price. The 8 inch market is all budget devices now. Until MS announces its own Surface mini, I don't think OEMs will announce a premium device before MS. There is still some software tweak for MS to do (i.e. natural portrait mode support). Before that, the experience won't be premium even if you can make premium hardware. It would be wise to wait after Surface mini releases and see what options are available, or just buy a budget device like V8P for now.
  3. simpleatsh

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    Hi Sonus, I absolutely agree with you, I am also waiting for Sony to release a 8 inch tablet, and they do lack a smaller form factor in their current product portfolio. My dream configuration will be: BayTrail processor, 8 inch 4:3 ratio display with over 1200 x 900 resolution, and most importantly the sweet sweet NTrig digitizer. I have a Duo 13, would love to share stylus between the 2, and I am so done with Wacom and its yesterday's technology, the new NTrig digitizers are far more accurate and every bit as responsive and smooth.

    In my opinion, don't even bother with anything from DELL, I already had 2 Dell Venue 8 Pro and returned both, they both had some display issues, bad pixels and uneven backlight. Once you are used to the build quality from manufacturers like Sony or Apple, Dell simply couldn't satisfy you any more, and don't even mention the Synaptics stylus they chose the use, I had all together 4 of them shipped and replaced, none of them worked, they all had horrible hover click issue... what a QC nightmare, even the early NTrig stylus from years ago never had problem like this, get it together Synaptics!!

    Just wait for another 2 weeks, I have a strong feeling that Sony will release a small tablet on CES, although I don't have any evidence supporting my point, but if they do, they can count my money in their pocket already.
  4. dj0502

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    Unfortunately, nothing was announced in CES.

    I wish that they produce something near the configuration of the Thinkpad 8 (maybe call it Vaio Tap 8 or Vaio 8?). Bay Trail 16:10 / 4:3 ratio, 1920/1080 or 1440 resolution, HDMI and N-trig digitizer. I'm willing to pay "Sony" tax for that! I hope that the Tap 11 has some traction so that they can venture out further. I did not consider the Tap 11 and Flip 11 only because of 16:9 aspect ratio.
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