Apple Puts 3-Year Warranty on Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro

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    Apple will replace its Smart Keyboard units if they experience certain problems, according to a memo that leaked from the company. These include sticking/repeating keys, sensor issues, problems with the keyboard’s magnetic connector, connection issues, and unresponsive keys.

    The Apple Smart Keyboard came with a 12-month limited warranty. Apparently that's been tripled in the case of the aforementioned problems. Just keep in mind, this isn't three years after the product was purchased, but three years after it was first released. This means the 12.9-inch version of this accessory is covered until late 2018, and the 9.7-inch one is covered until early 2019.

    This add-on was created specifically for the iPad Pro, and uses the Smart Connector that can be found only on the Pro tablets. Be sure to read our Apple Smart Keyboard for 12.9-Inch iPad Pro Review and our Apple Smart Keyboard for 9.7-inch iPad Pro Review

    The leaked memo:


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