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Who wants an Apple stylus with a thinner tip?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  3. If it was possible then Apple would have done it already

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  4. Doesn't matter if it becomes the perfect Stylus, iOS Desktop class full Adobe and OneNote

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  5. thickness is ok but it's just too slippery

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  6. both thickness and Slipperiness are a problem

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  1. WillAdams

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    Autodesk Sketchbook is available on pretty much anything.

    The only Galaxy-specific apps are the Samsung-branded ones AFAIK.

    The S-Pen is Wacom EMR --- Samsung owns a considerable stake in Wacom. One of the reasons I've not replaced by Samsung Galaxy Book 12 w/ an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and Mac Mini desktop is that I find the click/tap of the Apple Pencil distracting. The Apple Pencil is one of a very few stylus technologies I'm wiling to accept. From best--worst:

    - Wacom EMR
    - Apple Pencil
    - NTrig/Wacom AES --- the low hover distance here is a problem on larger machines.
  2. Tapio-Huuhaa

    Tapio-Huuhaa Pen Pal - Newbie

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    I looked the video from Samsung Sketchbook. It is a modified version of Autodesk Sketchbook. In fact the version of Samsung seems to have in my taste a little bit better interface because it has fixed top bar.

    One person show me result with iPad & Wacom Sketch - the result was extremely bad. I can draw quite the same with my cheap Android. Currently there is no solution for me in reasonable price.
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  3. pigeontongue

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    Of course, I would want to have this Apple Pencil 2. My next choice will be a Wacom.
  4. siddhartth

    siddhartth Scribbler - Standard Member

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    That's because it was made to compete with iPadPro9.7 2016. I wouldnot recommend anybody to buy Samsung TabS3 at this time, i only wanted you to test it's pen performance, because that will be exactly same in TabS4.
    TabS4 will be competing with ipadPro 10.5. TabS4 will cost less than that iPadpro 10.5 but will be better than iPad 9.7 2018 in quality and capacity.

    The Huwawei website gives no information about Huwawei's pen tech.

    Yes they are.

    Wacom EMR pens do that. I can not say the same for Wacom AES and NTrig.
    Nope, if you are going for iPad then Apple pencil is the best option you have.
    Nope, the app is on Android and windows platform both.

    Not sure about that. Art software is much bettwr on iPad than on Android (including Samsung Galaxy and Huwawei Mate). You should wait for Release of both Apple pencil 2 as well as Samsung TabS4. If Apple finds a way to make Apple pencil tip finer, more textured (grippy) and preferably spring loaded then i will not buy anything other than iPadPro. Samsung's customization of android can not compete with Apple's app optimization.
  5. ArashA

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    What is the reason you don't recommend Tab S3 right now? a price drop would happen for it after release of Tab S4? (considering that tab S3 still would be a better option for me due to the 3:2 ratio and smaller size than upcoming Tab S4 and for sure the price of Tab S4 would be higher I think?).
    Also the release date of Tab S4 would be after Sept right?

    I was almost buying tab S3 yesterday but thought maybe I should wait longer..
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  6. Tapio-Huuhaa

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    I agree that if the price drops much, S3 might be reasonable.

    What about M-Pen of Huawei the only information I found that it support 4096 pressure levels - the same as S-pen. At least with some applications pressure sensitivity is supported. I assume that Autodesk Sketchbook does support it, but I know that not all artwork applications support pressure sensitivity. As pure artwork with tools visible Sketchbook is ok (the special edition for Galaxy has a little bit different interface, which might be better).

    I was very disappointed with Wacom & iPad, when someone show me this comparison:


    In fact pens, which have disc on the tip are presumably more precise, for example
    Ciscle Disc Stylus (see

    In the current situation I just must wait and hope that Apple could solve the tip problems in Apple Pencil.

    I would challenge some to try to make Apple Pencil more comfortable to use:
    1) get from shoe repair shop some suitable material; very thin artificial elastic suede and natural suede (or something between them)
    2) take a little bit off from the tip of Apple Pencil
    3) glue some suede or suede resembling material to the top

    I put the challenge to my Finnish blog site:
    Because Finnish people can very well English, you can take the challenge too and comment in that site.

    If some trials fails, just the cost of tip has been lost but there is the possibility to get ideal friction between the tip of the pen and the surface of the table. I just know that this is in principle possible because I have tested the idea with my own pens.

    I don't understand differences between the different techniques of Wacom, which was mention in this conversation and

    The wobble is not problem with ibisPaint X. It has stabilizer, which is for preventing wobble. With fast movements and full use it might correct too much, but with low speed and maximized it might prevent wobbling optimal way. At this respect it might be the best app for exact drawing or at least creating nice drawings even if not as exact as possible.

    The disadvantage of ibisPaint X is that it doesn't show list of last used brushes/pens and it doesn't import/export new brushes.

    Maybe this pen a little bit improved would fit for me:

    I send e-mail to Logitech asking about pressure sensitivity that they would support it at least in future. In the specifications I didn't find any mention about pressure sensitivity.
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