Apocalypse Incoming: Am I about to buy an iPad?

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    Alternatively, replacement/used Surface power supplies can be had for very little money - get 2-3 and leave them everywhere. You'll thank yourself. You can also get a USB->Surface cable/connector and use 3rd party battery packs as combo of AC ("Mains") power adapter and battery backup when there is no wired power available. Sorry too busy to link the products I refer to, but I've purchased all at one time or another.

    I'm about to give up on my iPad Mini5 for note taking because of the obnoxious noise of each screen tap, and I'm getting pretty close to rejoining the Surface brigade! Just curious: do you do much note-taking or mostly drawing with the pen, and if the former, are you having trouble adapting from EMR for writing? Personally I find MPP pretty much fine for handwriting, with the more important variable being the physical characteristics of the pen itself (weight, material, size, etc - having used several non-MS variants in past, though the current MS pen is quite comfortable for me.

    Seems like virtually all the artists in these parts have abandoned Surface/MPP entirely for iPads; Good to know you can use it to draw reasonably, if not first choice.

    EDIT: Never thought about this, but since these Surface power cable converters are now commonly available, reliable and not too costly, you should be able to easily dongle-up to USB-C. I'll be looking into that since I'm going back to Surface, probably, so will report in when I look into it.
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