Anyone here still using the old Gateway M285E/M295 tablet PC's

Discussion in 'Acer (Gateway)' started by rathacat, Dec 20, 2019.

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    I have a bunch of these that I am still using, since no other computer seems rugged or heat-tolerant enough to survive here at our ranch. Ever since my original (non-tablet) Gatewa y NV52 died of heat overdose during 117 degree weather in 2009, I've depended on these (about 4 of each, with OS's ranging from XP Tablet to Win 10 and even Linux). And I can still get parts and/or parts machines. Surface machines are far too fragile to live up here. I get both Gateway machines and parts cheaply, and expect to use them for the next 20 years

    I love the WACOM-equipped M295E's since the pens are available and they work. However the M285Es still have the Finepoint screen and battery stylus pen which caused so much grief back in 2005-2007.

    I would like to replace the screens on my M285Es with M295E screens, which I have bought on EBay. Can someone tell me if a M285E will work with a M295E WACOM screen. I don't want to burn up or blow out any of my babies. Or did any of the M285s come with a WACOM screen and pen ?

    I am a part-time artist working with friends on a graphic novel. I have Photoshop 6 on this PC (285) and Photoshop 8 on a 295 with Vista. Prefer 6 because I know it and it is simpler than 8, which I am still learning

    Advice or info would be helpful. Thanks.


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