Anyone have the TabletKiosk eo a7330D, or the 7 inch wacom slate?

Discussion in 'TabletKiosk' started by darkmagistric, Feb 20, 2011.

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    Stumbled across this nice little tablet.

    eo a7330D Ultra-Mobile PC - TabletKiosk

    Netbook Guts, but it has an outdoor viewable display, claimed 8 hour battery life..and a Wacom dual digitizer for pen and touch.

    This may fill my needs for a portable wacom slate...but that $1500 price tag is a killer.

    Also the 7 inch screen size....8.4/8.9 is pretty small...but 7.1 is tiny. And the bezel around it looks gigantic. It looks like it would have the footprint of a 10 inch tablet.

    Does anyone have this tablet or know where to find one under a grand? (Already checked ebay and no go)
  2. latinvixen

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    Very cool but the price tag ouch.
  3. cgrape2

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    As was said in the days of old"Ask the Person who owns one".
    I got mine off eBay for a very good price.
    I've been pitting it in a struggle with my Huiwei S7.Aside from the obvious differences in OS(XP vs Android),there is a considerable difference in thickness and weight.Battery life is not too bad on either one.I do like the "DataSim" slot on the S7,but aUSB dongle would do the same for the EO.
    It's a "Death Match",that's ongoing.
    This week I have been carrying around the EO.Like,familiar OS.Dislike thickness and weight.
    Next week is the S7's turn.
    I'll post updates about this struggle as I "live" with each Tablet for awhile.
    I can say the TK EO has a easy to read display.I did't think it would be as good as it is.

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