Any lightweight Lightroom alternatives to recommand?

Discussion in 'Software' started by wytn, Sep 29, 2019.

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    I already know and used DarkTable a bit, which is not bad at all! BUT... Still could benefit from some little improvements here and there imho. Haven't used it in a little while tho, not this year, but maybe last year again.
    Not sure how much lighter it is also but i could see...

    i look more for a Windows (or Win+Mac and even +Linux) alternative. Windows + Mac would be nice, and i guess Windows-only would do the job. I don't necessarily look for something as complete as Lightroom, it needs to manage RAWs but I could do with a simpler software overall.

    I tested Capture One a bit at some point, and it seems astonishing with RAWs. But the workflow with this software doesn't seem super fast/practical for my taste and besides the handling of RAWs it feels like there's too much stuff packed in it that i don't need super often. So it would get in the way most of the time. And again i'm not sure it is really a lot lighter than Lightroom, prob less than DarkTable? maybe it would work in terms of CPU use, but it's really the workflow that i didn't do it for me.

    Anything else to recommend? Again, i could work with something simpler than Lightroom (after having used it for uh... i'd say close to or around 10 years now). Well, i think/believe something simpler would work too at least...

    (I know there is also a ton of really basic/simple photo postprocessing apps... But i don't want just an Apple Photo-like/clone either...)

    i don't know if there something else to consider, i know there's another software like Capture One i had discarded without testing it...
    Anyway, if there's something else to recommend/consider, thanks!

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