Any app that syncs audio with handwriting and also does handwriting recognition in iPad pro?

Discussion in 'Apple/iOS' started by siddhartth, Sep 14, 2016.

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    My use case:
    I have to attend weekend lectures that run often run 10 hours long (with three or four 15 minute breaks for food etc). Video recording of the lectures is not allowed. But no body's there to check if someone is recording Audio. Since these lectures are delivered at firehose speed, there is too much material and too little time, classes are conducted in a hurried fashion and as a result written Notes are hurried too. When revising there's a loss of context at every second page especially if i open the notebook to revise the material few days later.

    My requirements:
    Any apps that do atleast the following-
    1. Lecture audio sync with handwriting
    2. Searches handwriting as text
    Additional but not so important feature for me: Ability to change handwriting to text.

    And one additional question, Can one record audio on onenote app in my phone and handwrite in iPadpro onenote app, and that audio later appears synced with my handwriting in onenote desktop programme?

    I know i can simply buy a surface pro 4, but i don't think that surface pro 4 can preserve my writing as legible (just 100-110 Hz of sampling rate as opposed to 240 Hz of iOS). Needless to say i am decided on iPadpro, it's just that i have not found the App that does what onenote full programme does. And i can not wait till Surface pro 5, chances are that will suck too when it comes to IAF and sampling rate.
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    I ended up ordering Surface pro 4 core M as it was selling at just $900, which might sound like full price to Americans but in India it was a price I can not say no too. Ther are no affordable windows machines with Inking technology in my country. So I will be using fully featured desktop version of one note. this thread is not very important to me any more. But still there must be iPad Pro users who would require note taking apps that sync Audio with handwriting. So, I will just mention the most reliable one I found, which is a brand in itself, it's NotesPlus App by Viet Tran. I have used his Inkredible App on Android, I have nothing but praises for the developer team. Every thing that I asked them, indeed finally became a feature. With Notesplus there's just one caveat, Audio is synced to the page and not exactly to the handwriting. Audionotes is another cross platform App but it does not have handwriting recognition, but it's something that's gonna stay for a long haul. Notability syncs Audio to your handwriting as deeply as Onenote full desktop version does but again lacks handwriting recognition. There are less famous Apps that do handwriting and audio sync but I guess they are not so famous for a reason. Handwriting recognition in general is easier to be found on iOS than Audiosync feature. Many Apps like Penultimate by Evernote, Evernote itself, Goodnotes, Onenote by Microsoft, Nebo by MyScriptLabs. Notesplus and Nebo also have the ability to convert your handwriting to text. Nebo has one definite advantage that it also recognises math equations. This is the note taking story as far as iOS goes.
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    May be it's too late.

    I am thinking of buying Surface Pro 2017 model and my use case is almost same as yours.

    I have used my friend's apple pencil and it felt good to me. But I don't wanna pay 27k (iPad 2018) for a device where I can only make notes and again not get a full fledged Onenote on iPad.

    Also I feel ~10 inch screen size is not sufficient for multitask- like open a pdf/video while making notes.
    This also applies to Surface Go.

    So my choices are now:
    Surface GO (37k and 50k version), Surface Pro 2017 m3 (47k) and Surface Pro 2017 i5 (69k).

    My doubts are:
    1. What is the durability of Surafce products- in case I decide to go for i5 version, I would like it to last 4-5 years at least.

    2. I know Apple Pencil might be better (though some say otherwise); regardless is Surface Pen in itself a reliable and decent product for making notes?

    3. Lastly regarding 10 inch screen size, can pdfs be annotated well enough to not make notes separately?
    Video + Notes problem would still be there I guess.

    4. If I chose to go with m3 version (4GB ram and 128GB SSD), would the less ram will hinder day to day performance- Note taking, Coursera/Edx Video, 10-15 Pdfs, 30-40 chrome tabs, 2-3 SSH connection.

    To give a perspective, currently I have a 5 year old Samsung Laptop with 12GB Ram, Core i3 3120m processor and No SSD. I usually have 150+ tabs in Chrome, 2-3 projects in Visual Studio, 20-30 pdfs in Foxit, 2-3 Jupyter Notebook and some other small applications open without any issue.
    Sometimes things gets slow- mostly it's due to Chrome, but for a system that doesn't shut down for months- I don't mind it much.

    I hope you get to see the message and reply.


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