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Discussion in 'Software' started by chbula, Jun 12, 2006.

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    I just purchased my first tablet PC, a Gateway M285. I am disappointed at the state of annotation software. I realize that many software packages come with their own annotation capability (Word, Acrobat, OneNote, etc) but I am surprised that there is apparently very little in the way of "universal" annotation software. As I envision it (after seeing the inadequacies of available "solutions") such software should ideally enable you to annotate to the screen on top of any given application window (or to the screen as a whole), have the capability (as desired by the user) of "attaching" these annotations to a given application window, permit switching back and forth between the actual application and the annotation software, with or without the annotations being visible, and saving a screenshot of the annotated window as a record. It should not be hard to produce such software! The best (in this sense) that I have found is something called FingerWhite, which is freely(!) downloadable software that comes with an input devide called the i-pen (, one of the many unsatisfactory cheap alternatives to an actual tablet PC that I tried before finally opting to buy one. Am I missing something in this area that I should know about? Thanks.
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