Android: A barren wasteland for pressure sensitive pen hardware and apps...

Discussion in 'The Tablet PC Life' started by Shogmaster, Apr 2, 2016.

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    Do you understand stylus tech? Your device has a capacitive touchscreen, so you are limited to nubby styluses that act like your fingers and offer no pressure sensitivity. Not going to be a great experience on that small display...
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    Thank you for the concern that I might be unaware of the tech involved, it is appreciated. Reading this thread has offered some great inspiration for art apps to try in the future, wonderful hands on experience about said apps and devices they've run on, but not too many mentions of the stylus types used. That is my question.

    However, if there's a need to assure that the tech isn't believed to be interchangeable, I did say boredom doodles. Precision more so than pressure is a hope. I doubt the Nexus 5x will live up to either my Intuos, my old Motions j3600 or my Vaio Canvas Z. However, I have seen posts in other forums mentioning sketching on the Nexus. I was simply curious about experiences with android compatible pens given the thread's title.

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