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    Buying a tablet from AMERICANPUMPKINS was one of the biggest mistakes of the last years in terms of online buying.

    1. I ordered a tablet on 28 nov 2014 for $189.99
    2. the same day I received notification that my order would ship 1 dec 2014.
    3. On dec 2, I received an email that my order is being worked on and can be in this status for hours or a few days.
    4. Dec 16 I send an email inquiring about the order, why it has not yet shipped. I received a reply (fairly lame and in my opinion a lie):
    "Sorry about the delay in getting this out. This item was on back-order and then we had to wait to apply new security updates for KitKat that were released last week from Google." The item was shipped the same day.
    5. It was received in my forwarding PO box in Miami and then forwarded my the shipping company to Costa Rica, where I received it on on dec 22 and for which I paid $40 in shipping and duties.
    6. After charging it, the tablet did not work. The tactile function of the screen did not work. THe company advised me to reset, but after 3 resets the problem remained. The screen was obviously not working.
    7. The product came without the bluetooth earpiece as advertised.
    8. on dec 30, the company replied they would ship a tablet with similar specs that same week.
    9. The replacement tablet was shipped on Jan 08, 2015
    10. It was received in my forwarding PO box in Miami and then forwarded my the shipping company to Costa Rica, where I received it on on jan 20 and for which I paid another $40 in shipping and duties.
    11. The received tablet was not the same as the first one.
    The screen worked, but I found out that the sd-card slot was damaged. Somebody had put the card holder not inside the slot but above it, and in doing so squashed the slot to the point it can no longer be used. The card holder was inside the tablet.
    What happened is that I put a sd-card in the slot, but I didn't feel any resistance or a click as you would with a normal slot. Instead the card just slided into the tablet. I could not even get it out. The tablet swallowed the card. I didn't want the card to cause damage inside, so I had to unscrew the cover, lift it up a bit and keep the tablet vertical. My card fell out. TO my surprise I heard something else rattling inside. I lifted the lit again and another card fell out. Well it was the card slot holder. So that's when I understood that it was not that I was using the wrong size or type of card, the slot was damaged.

    After about 50 days I have received 2 damaged tablets for which I paid a total of $269.
    Besides the fact that I have only received broken equipment, I strongly recommend not to use AMERICANPUMPKINS:
    - late shipments
    - incomplete orders
    - broken equipment

    They said they were going to send a 3rd which I never received. I ended up wasting $269, with one tablet in the garbage and one sold for $50.
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    Lemme get this straight. You ordered a tablet computer from a place called American Pumpkins?
    That reminds me: I ordered a Boeing 747 from the Great New England Lime Orchard Co. The plane they sent me? It turned out to be a lemon. Live and learn.
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    I have had a similar situation. The tablet is a good idea the problem is in the design of it. It has no way to vent what so ever and with the intel processor it gets extremely hot and while charging also. I liked the full size usb port. I sent mine back,however i purchased through flexshopper so i had no issues with the return. I told them i do not want another one i just do not want it.
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    I love my American Pumpkins 8" tablet.

    It's been fast. No actual issues. Mine came with 64M memory so incredible amount of room. I haven't added SD cards into the two slots yet.

    It was a present from my dad. He liked mine so much once I had it a month, that he bought one for himself too.

    I've used it for hours on end, in my hands, and it's not gotten hot. Once out of many, many days it felt a little warm. It's not making noises (like fans).

    Battery has lasted for hours. Charges back up in a couple hours.

    I've used with square chip to take credit card. I've downloaded a bunch of apps. I ordered uber. Read webpages. Deposited a bank check through my bank's app. Made calls, received calls. I get phone notices from my home phone number via comcast. Taken screen shots. Voice recorded notes and documents. And more....

    Evernote app. is slow to open. Nothing else is. Fine and fast are Chrome, Email program, Calculator, Uber, Square (takes a moment to load fully), and everything else is fine so far.

    Where I've had more trouble is when waiting for comcast to download emails. Sometimes it's fast. Sometimes you could die waiting. I highly suspect it's a comcast problem since it's also happened when comcast told me they had a problem receiving texts, and told me when it would be fixed, and at that time it suddenly worked again.

    My complaints or thoughts that it's less than an expensive tablet would be:

    1) The three function buttons show up right where my thumb tends to land. I've learned to hold it so it works, but sometimes hit one accidentally.

    2) The top of the screen has spot for the pull down menu, tabs of the browser, and browser windows themselves. I tend to miss and hit what I don't mean.

    3) I hadn't used other androids so don't have a sense of comparison. Touch is very good. Maybe it's better on an expensive unit? I used a dollar store screen cover when I accidentally removed the one it came with - and when on well. That's when touch got ever so slightly less sensitive. It can be a little slow to switch directions from holding it wide to holding it vertically. Just a moment though, nothing much.

    4) The camera is fine in very good light. Anything less, and I haven't figure out how to use it well yet. Gets purple-ly and unclear even with flash. Could be my not yet finding the right settings.

    5) Other expensive ones may come with some more apps on them already. I had to find a note program. Download comcast & uber. It had google maps, chrome and lots of basic tools.

    6) Playing back a voice message that's in comcast voice message, the volume is too low even at max volume. Haven't had trouble with calls though, so I think it's the comcast app.

    7) I didnt' compare but suspect other brands like samsung or apple 8" are lighter. This isn't too heavy, but I bet it's more than units 3xs the price. I've dropped this on the ground (concrete sidewalks) a few times. So far no problem.

    Android calculator is crummy. Battery doesn't have a number on it. So downloaded apps for both.

    For the inexpensive price, it's fantastic.

    I wouldn't pay for an expensive one unless I became well-off enough that $3-400 didn't matter to me. Being less expensive, I also worry less about it. If I lose it or drop it (some more), it's not a huge deal. I can afford to upgrade sooner too.
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