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    As I see it, there are three major players in the eBook reader biz: Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders. What do they have in common? They are all booksellers, and eBooks, not eReaders, are the big money-makers. That is why you see Amazon and Barnes & Noble scrambling to get their reader applications on devices like the iPad, which Apple positions as a Kindle and Nook competitor.

    Amazon and B&N just want to sell eBooks, and judging from conversations I've had around the TechnologyGuide office, many on the TG staff wouldn't be surprised to see Amazon give away or heavily subsidize the Kindle just to get it in the hands of potential eBook consumers.

    Because of this, Borders is in an interesting market position. They don't have their own branded device. Instead, the recently opened Borders eBook store works on a host of devices, including the popular Kobo eReader, Sony Touch, Sony Pocket and Aluratek Libre.


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    This is great! I've been looking for something aside from the iPad, Kindle, or Nook, and this may just be it! It has everything I need! I'm a big eBook reader (booksonboard for a good eBook/audio website), so having something handy and easy to carry around would be awesome. I will be doing some more research on this.

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