Alternative to factory tablet case... is there one?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by galtom, Feb 26, 2013.

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    For heaven's sake what have you done with your device to break it in that kind way?

    What do you mean by rising this issue?
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    That's the thin. I have not done anything.
    The split mad itself - one night Asus was ok, next day I have noticed it is split/broken. Not chipped as if it was hit by something. There are no traces of any mistreatment on my side.
    I suspect that it it the place where construction is vulnerable - from the top we have glass of screen, from bottom plastic and aluminium... and this plastic frame just broke under strain (perhaps holding it with one hand was not that good idea :) ).

    And the hinge... well. If you look at my docking station from the back I could see it is not flat but angled upwards. And the edge of it tore down seal on the hinge. Looks like my unit has factory faults - happens.

    The only thing is that in Poland I am 99% sure I will be told it is my fault as both fault are mechanical - Read "Fu.. Off" sue us if you dare. :-(
    In such case I plan to let as many ppl. I can how Asus treats its customers. If I am wrong I will let you know :)
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