Alert: Synaptics Touchpads in HP Laptops Have Hidden Keylogger

Discussion in 'Hewlett Packard' started by lovelaptops, Jan 21, 2018.

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    I just came upon an article from late December in Tech Crunch revealing that the Synaptics trackpad drivers in virtually all HP laptops (including all Spectre variations and models has a keylogger that is deactivated by default but certainly a risk in a hack attack. The article contains a link to an HP driver update that lists all the affected models with links to software fixes that allegedly completely eliminates the capability. I couldn't find a thread about this and I thought it was worth bringing it to everyone's attention given how popular these devices have become with the TPCR community. I'm not aware of any other major device company that still uses Synaptics trackpads, and the article only mentions this "feature" being found in HP models - virtually all of them!

    Actually, as I wrote this post I recalled that there is a fix for late model trackpads with Synaptics or Elan drivers to convert them to the Microsoft Precision driver. I have mixed feelings about the Precision driver myself - and I love the many adjustments you can make in Synaptics trackpads - but as long as I've raised the subject, here's a good how-to article on converting your trackpad to Precision.
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