Adonit ink - the solution for Surface line up's IAF problem?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by siddhartth, Mar 9, 2018.

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    From the internet chatter it seems, the Adonit ink pen thayis compatible with windows ink (Ntrig duosense2 digitizers), is a superior replacement to Surface pro pen 2017, even better than Wacom's offering Bamboo ink pen.

    1. From what i have heard it has near 0 grams IAF, if that's true, this will place it along the Apple pencil and Samsung's Spen. I
    2. I have also read that the pressure curve of Adonit ink pen is a bit whacky compared to smoothness of the Surface pen. But that is a problem for artists not for notetakers like me.
    3. Im also curious what is the frequency of the New Ntrig digitizers (i guess Surface studio onwards?). Is it equal to Apple's 250 Hz (capturing 250 points in one second) or 300 Hz like in Wacom's new EMR ( TabS3).

    All i need is real first hand reviews of the pen in question to confirm if the information i have is correct. I have a peculiar problem, the glass covering the display of my Surface pro4 cracked (after falling from a height of less than one and a half feet - build quality/fragility of Microsoft surface deserves a separate thread). Display and touch is working just fine but pen is not working anymore. And Now Microsoft is refusing to offer any repair services in my country, they are saying that the whole device will be exchanged and they will replace my coreM3 4GB SP4 with the a new SP4 with the same specifications for a fee of ₹35000 (indian rupee) that is $537 (united states dollar). I am finding it hard to cough up $537 in 2018 for something that was released in 2015. I also have an option to buy a Cintiq pro 13 for $1074, i am no more a class going student so mobility is not very necessary for me. So, i have two options buy a older tech with old Ntrig digitizer for $537 (with the hope that Adonit ink stylus may be able to fix it's IAF problem) or buy the NewEMR cintiq pro 13 for $1074 without worrying about the slowing internals for a decade.

    Also, there are rumors that the new iPad pro will look like iphonex, and samsung's TabS4 might also have infinity display like the Note8 (i.e both devices may have an unprecedented screen to body ratio). Apple pencil2 with a thinner and interchangeable nibs might also be on the horizon. But these are speculations at best. They may come in 2018 or as late as 2019. At present I have no digital writing display. And i need one. Do kindly suggest.

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