Acer ConceptD 7 Ezel

Discussion in 'Acer (Gateway)' started by Marty, Jan 5, 2020.

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    Acer R7 on steroids, nice. I would like to see a midrange version of this though (lighter and with the new Amd apu/cpu's or 1650 gpu or such). Maybe next year ^^
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    I agree on mid-range version. ;) It's very hard to find essentially "underpowered" large screen penabled devices. I don't a super powered, super expensive, hotter, lower battery life machine, but I like a big screen for inking just the same.
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    I'm here! I'm here! I got delayed while crunching through a bunch of frickin' camera review stuff. (Did you know there's more than just the one rabbit hole around here? Sheesh.)

    I'd have agreed, maybe a year ago. Then muscle memory and the great leveler of human adaptability caused me to forget what exactly it was that I needed before from a full Wacom driver. The only thing I can legit complain about is that RadialMenu sometimes crashes for no reason, but since I can go weeks between problems with it, so it's a pretty low priority.

    I guess I should face it. I've found my unicorn and her name is Samsung. But this new one looks pretty awesome.

    Are you joking..??? That's Ka-Razy! -Ebay is definitely the way to go. Or to bounce a purchase off somebody you know over there. Or buy Acer, I guess.

    But mMan, that Acer seems expensive! Or is it? Have prices gone up? I mean.., relatively speaking, how does this compare to the top end 'Penabled' stuff from the Tablet PC era that Bill Gates ushered in?

    Hmm... You're right. Plastic chemistry, I'm sure, has advanced since the 1990's, (every home computer from that era looks like it's suffered smoke damage), but when I see white plastic, I still can't help but think, "cheap".

    Of course, computers are designed for three-four year ownership cycles. (Or if you're me, "Until it dissolves back into basic elements.") So it probably doesn't matter if it turns yellow in sunlight. By the time that happens, 360 degree cameras and eyeglass video will have taken over. (No. Really.)
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    I remember looking at a brand new Toshiba M400 in 2007 - that would have been £2-3000 at the time. The 9 Pro would be nearly twice the price in the UK. The exchange rate was better at the time but computer prices still worked out at $1=£1 for UK buyers.
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    The Concept D 9 Pro is hands down the most expensive convertible device ever mentioned on the history of this site (someone prove me otherwise!). It's close to $10,000 CAD after taxes and shipping if you can actually find it for sale right now. A Canadian user here did manage to get one for $5400 or so and it seems like they may have gotten a bit lucky, as they used a one day coupon and weren't charged taxes(?) or shipping somehow! The sale page they used is now gone with a 404 and no Acer direct sales are available. It's one expensive unicorn when $5400 is a huge deal!

    EDIT: ** ok ok the failed and vaporware "Modbook Pro" cost people up to $10,000 but that almost shouldn't count as it was made to order and actually never got made, ripping 100's of people off.
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