Acer ConceptD 7 Ezel Pen Parallax

Discussion in 'Acer (Gateway)' started by kfkok, Sep 22, 2021.

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    :eek: Really? Oh no...
    I believe the problem lies in the hardware wacom board. Maybe is just my unit having these parallax, as others never mentioned about it.
    The only calibration software is from windows as you have seen, though it didn't help much... I ended up just reset it to default.

    Thanks for for letting me know the comparison with other brands as this is my first Wacom EMR tablet pc.
    Yea, I gonna ask these in Acer forum too, hopefully some ConceptD 7 Ezel owners can help enlighten me on this defect.

    I will post updates upon getting some confirmations. ;)
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    Well, I wouldn't over-react if I were you.

    The hardware is almost certainly fine. It almost looks like the driver is calculating for a screen of slightly different dimensions and/or resolution.

    For a $3000 device, I'd want it perfect. But I'd compare notes with other Acer users before doing anything else.

    And to be honest, Wacom might have done it on purpose. (It's a bit of conspiracy thinking, but there's been a history of minor bugs and unnecessary limitation which appear baked into the drivers they sell to other manufacturers who license their hardware. -It makes it so that the only way to get a perfect drawing board experience is to buy one of theirs and not a competitor's.)

    In any case, even if there turns out to be no fix, I'd try to decide if it was a game-stopping problem. 99% of the time, you'll be drawing in a few square inches in the middle of the screen.

    Good luck, and yes, I'd be interested to read any updates you may have.

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