Acer Chromebook 13 Spin is a beast.

Discussion in 'Other Android Tablet Manufacturers' started by artistebot, May 25, 2018.

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    Yes I did. IMHO It was too bulky and awkward to use. I already have the Zbook X2 for that type of use situation. For me Chromebooks are not suitable for me yet, but maybe in the future?

    Samsung's new Tab S6 (w 8gb ram) will likely be much better, sadly w a smaller screen. But who knows maybe they will do a larger one...?
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    It's always a shame when it's the software that's holding things up. I'm concerned that we may not soon see such a nice combination of hardware again--the big high res screen, the aspect ratio, the garaged EMR stylus etc.
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    The only good news about this story is that the software problems can be fixed - there just has to be the will on Google's part. I can't see how they can have such an important product gaining in share, open it up to Linux and fail to support popular Linux applications software. What I'm not clear on is how much of the work needs to be done by Google - APIs, etc - and how much needs to come from the applications developers, to enable their products to support Chromebook Linux containers. I hope that this work will be done - sooner rather than later. Unfortunately there is a Catch-22 in that the developers may not find it worth their investment if the installed base of users (Chrome OS = large; art programs/pen enabled programs = moderate, enough to warrant support; art/pen enabled programs using Chrome OS = ?)

    OTOH, there is another dimension to the Chrome OS/Linux/Android/Art Programs on Chromebook vs same on a tablet such as the Samsung S6. Of course, the latter precludes the possibility of running Linux and Linux-based art programs. In addition, devices like the Acer Spin 13 not only have powerful hardware, great screen and good/very good ergonomics, but they exist in a clamshell/2-in-1 form factor, which is legions more useful for many people than the slate/tablet form factor.

    TL/DR; This device (Spin 13) has everything going for it (including very competitive pricing on sale vs. Windows machines with comparable hardware), plus the unparalleled Wacom EMR digitizer, but Google and applications developers have work to do to make it viable as an art machine. I hope they decide it's worth the effort - soon!
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