Accessories for the TF810C

Discussion in 'Asus' started by schwarz86, Jan 24, 2013.

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    Hello guys!
    I am really glad that I have found that forum because I heard many interesting information to the VivoTab.
    I just thought that i would be nice to have a special thread where everybody could post his/her additional accessories for to the tab.
    I don't want to do any advertisment but sometimes it is nice to see what other people use to improve their everyday life with this device.

    When I pre-ordered the tablet+dock I was not sure whether it comes with or without a bag or a case, so I decided to order, just in case that there is none, a bag for putting the TF810C in my bag. Case Logic QNS-111 11.6-Inch EVA Molded Netbook Sleeve (Black): Electronics
    Additionally I have bought a 64GB microSD form SanDisk, which works pretty good for me.

    Today I went on my local amazon homepage and found this
    I was looking the last weeks for a network2usb converter but this device looks absolutly brilliant to me. What do you think about it or do you have any other things you use with your tab.
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