A good way to apply the old UD EMR 1.0 technology pen to the UD EMR 2.0 device

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by starllcraft, Mar 26, 2021.

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    That is to trim the length of the nib and the refill, and fill the nib with thermal free resin, so that there will be no cursor offset
    Moreover, I found that the IAF of ud emr 1.0 pen I used was better than that of Galaxy note 9 s-pen and onyx note 2 pen, and it also had double buttons and tail eraser

    I also found the UD EMR 2.0 pen with three buttons, but it is not the original electromagnetic induction three buttons. Instead, it integrates Bluetooth buttons similar to AES / MPP for the EMR scheme


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    I’m confused. What does this video have to do with the subject of the thread? I was assuming he was going to somehow change the nibs on his pen in the video to make it work. Did you link to the wrong video?

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