802.11a/b/g/n N6300 WLAN for LE1700: non-whitelist bios

Discussion in 'Motion Computing' started by rr-1701, Feb 14, 2015.

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    My LE1700´s WLAN rejects working after wake of standby
    (win 8.1 x64).
    I changed WLAN-minipci in my X61s and searched for a solution
    for my LE1700, it is surely well known that LE1700´s bios blocks
    all other WLAN-cards that are not whitelisted in it´s bios.

    I found a modified bios which removes the WLAN/WWAN whitelist,
    now it´s possible to use any WLAN card you wish.

    I think, even the famous Broadcom BCM94360CD with it´s 1300MBit
    should work, with this adapter:

    Just contact me via PM, if you are interested.
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