$80 // Apple Magic Trackpad MC380LL/A + ExtraMagic Windows Drivers for Full Multitouch Gestures

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    1) Apple Magic Trackpad MC380LL/A

    2) Pretty much brand new

    3) Below

    4) $80 including shipping

    5) PayPal Friends and Family (no fees)

    6) CONUS USPS Priority Mail 2/3-day

    7) Many sales/buys here on TPCR

    I purchased this in August 2018 to use with my GPD Pocket 2 at school. I ended up resorting to my portable Microsoft Presenter Mouse 8000 I've had for eons and this thing is collecting dust. I purchased the full ExtraMagic Windows Drivers which I will transfer to you which offers you full customizable multi-touch gesture support on Windows.

    IMG_20190312_111947.jpg IMG_20190312_112004.jpg IMG_20190312_112024.jpg

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